By Appointment Only

No office hours due to low demand

I am sorry to report that over the two years my wife has allowed me to keep an office within her law offices, I have not established any clientele. Because of this and a new direction in the law office, we have closed the counseling office, turning the room into a conference room. While I can still use it for clients, I cannot in good conscience advertise office hours I am not keeping.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for this office while it was open.





We provide mental health therapy and Biblical foundations for your life.
• Sliding fee scale and “pay it forward” system of pay
• Experienced addiction counselor
• Experienced hypnotherapist

Homeward Bound is a subsidiary of At His Feet PBC, a public benefit corporation of Colorado dedicated to forming Christian businesses, teaching Christian business practices, and teaching and helping those in need low-cost start-up businesses to become self-sufficient.