About Us

Homeward Bound Christian Counseling was started in May 2015 in the hope of bringing affordable, Christian counseling to the public outside of a church setting.  We actively bring our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, Biblical knowledge, and prayer into counseling sessions as much as we can to bring the light of hope into the darkened lives of our clients.

Clients will be able to negotiate a rate they can afford on a sliding scale based on household income.  There is also an opportunity to “pay it forward” in this to help others who could not normally afford mental health care.  Our partnership with Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms (501c3) also allows us to take donations and volunteer time into consideration with the rate.

Monte Pescador has an extensive background in multicultural affairs as well as a life story that runs through several cultures and religions. This pattern of looking deeply into history, tradition, and personality has led him to this point, an amateur philosopher and professional existential counselor helping people to find the meaning behind behaviors and emotions, and in turn helping them to explore and gain control over them. At the same time he brings experience in hypnotherapy and addictions counseling.  He is currently working on a Masters in Divinity through Grand Canyon University.

The name “Homeward Bound” has meaning to him, as we are all only on a journey in our lives, finding places to stop and rest but not places to remain, until we return home. So he trusts that he can help you find your compass or GPS or map to continue you journey, even through the rough roads, storms, and other less than helpful travelers along your way.

Nothing to fear...